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Nowadays, there is a condition that makes both young and old completely vulnerable. However, vulnerability does not remain the only constant: it also creates room for depression and helplessness, because you begin to really lose control over your own life.

Yes, you guessed it right. Unfortunately, this time we have to talk about Parkinson.


If you suffer from this condition, you already know that one of the most difficult decisions a person faces with this disease is choosing the type of medication to use to treat it.


It may not necessarily be your case, but certainly someone close to you is unfortunately experiencing the traumatic effects of Parkinson's. Finding the right treatment is, in fact, a result of several factors, including specific symptoms, the effectiveness of the medication, and obviously the cost.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis plants. These compounds are known as cannabinoids. Cannabis has several hundred of these compounds, although only a few are well known and widely studied.

Canasity products do not have the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most famous cannabinoid in cannabis. However, they have other visible effects. Our CBD products help reduce anxiety, relieve pain and provide neuroprotective properties.

In this regard, over 80% of our Parkinson's patients have reported clinical benefits when using our products for their condition and, most importantly,  they have not sustained any side effects so far.


A survey of members The German Association against Parkinson's, assessed patients' perceptions of CBD and assessed the experiences of patients already using CBD products. The findings showed that over 60% of users reported helping to manage pain and muscle cramps, and more than 40% of users reported a reduction in stiffness, blockages, tremor, depression, anxiety and weak limbs.


CBD plays a protective role in the treatment of certain movement disorders and has benefits for reducing pain and inflammation, two factors that can regularly affect people with Parkinson's.


Parkinson's patients already use CBD in various forms for all sorts of symptoms , including insomnia, anxiety, tremor, dystonia, and pain. Moreover, CBD has been extensively studied in the laboratory and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Inflammation of the nervous system has been linked to neurodegeneration and, therefore, it has been concluded that CBD is also beneficial as a neuroprotective agent.




Because of the many benefits of CBD for people with Parkinson's, researchers have suggested that the use of CBD could help improve quality of life. This is a major concern for people living with Parkinson's disease.

One study found that people who had Parkinson's disease and had no symptoms or psychiatric disorders experienced an improved quality of life with the use of CBD.

Some of the most common treatments for Parkinson's disease can cause tremors caused by medications or uncontrolled muscle movements. Drug treatment will not improve the situation - quite the opposite. In this sense, CBD helps to release muscle spasms.




If you are a beginner with CBD, you are definitely curious about the best way to take this medicine if you have Parkinson's disease.

Our selection of CBD is available in the following forms:

  • Oils. This is the most common and effective way to administer it to patients with Parkinson's , as studies have shown. As liquids, these forms of CBD can be swallowed quickly or absorbed sublingually. This is the best option for Parkinson's patients with difficulty swallowing or chewing pills.

  • Lotions and creams. The effects of CBD-infused lotions and creams can take several hours to develop, but can be helpful in treating pain or stiffness in the hands and joints.

  • Capsules and pills. You may experience a delay in effects if you take CBD in a capsule or pill, but this form may be ideal for people with tremors that prevent them from dosing a liquid correctly. 



In most studies, CBD is well tolerated. The secret is to find the perfect dose for you. We encourage our clients not to start directly with high concentrations of CBD, so that they can track their symptoms. Stronger oils are usually used for more serious health problems, such as chronic pain, while less concentrated oils are used for more subtle problems. When you find the best dose you will understand, because your symptoms will be eliminated.




The journey in the world of CBD can be interesting, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming . Today's market is full of different brands that offer a wide range of CBD products in different concentrations, flavors, fragrances and sizes.


In your search, the most important thing is to examine the reputation of the brand. Canasity is an extremely transparent brand: we use organic hemp, we make products from high quality ingredients, we have superior customer service, and we hire third-party laboratories to test our products.


In order for us to get the best CBD oil, we had to work countless hours. A really important aspect is the environment in which our cannabis plant grows. Each of our organic oils comes from Colorado, the mother country of cannabis. Canasity CBD oils have been carefully checked in every process, from seed planting to the last steps of oil production, and our farmers have generational experience in the natural growth of cannabis.


CBD has many promises for people with Parkinson's disease. Not only can cannabinoids relieve the symptoms of the degenerative disease itself, but they can also alleviate the side effects of the most common treatment.

Some doctors are becoming more and more open to CBD as a complementary treatment, so we encourage you to talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing and how to treat yourself with CBD oil. Our consultants are also at your disposal for further information.

Remember: CBD is not a medicine! All Canasity products are natural and analyzed by the most reliable laboratory: Botanacor ( You can find these results on the pages of each product.

In addition to producing the highest quality CBD products, our brand places the needs and concerns of our customers with absolute priority.


We continue to be an innovator in the industry, regularly improving the formulations of our products, all rich in terpenes, beneficial cannabinoids and other phytonutrients. Our goal is to create the best CBD experience for you: : let Canasity accompany you on your journey to a carefree life!

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