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Why Canasity CBD oils tasteless?

Why Canasity CBD oils taste like water?

Highly possible you already heard about the absolute curative power of CBD. And it’s even more possible it made you at least curious about how this substance can bring such a multitude of benefits in your life, isn’t it? Well, our friends, CBD is becoming popular in Romania, as well as in the world, so this is the just the perfect time to start including it in your lifestyle.

You learnt its curative powers from internet. Or maybe from your friends. However, it is easy to pick one product and… “Welcome to CBD world”, do you feel me?

Actually…Not. Not at all! It is a little bit more complicated than you would expect. While there are different aspects to discuss about the quality of the CBD oil, this time, we will introduce you to the importance of 2 elementary aspects: taste and smell.

Ready, Steady? Let’s start!

Let’s suppose you purchased a Canasity CBD oil. If it is your first time, most probably you are expecting a smell of… weed!? Right? This smell that you are expecting is not the smell of CBD, but the one created by the presence of THC and terpenes. THC, Terpenes and CBD are the compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. As you know, THC is the substance responsible of creating the “high” effect. For this reason, products with THC are not legal. Even if it is said 0,2% THC is legal in Europe, Romania made an official statement that declares: “It doesn’t matter the percentage, THC is not legal.” Consequently, in our extraction process, we remove THC and some terpenes. Canasity CBD Oils have no THC (0%), therefore you will not feel the weed smell.

Possibly a question popped up in your mind now: Are these products less efficient if there is no THC?

The answer is NO! Studies proved that CBD is beneficial on its own. However, we don’t want ”High” effect, but to serve you a good quality of pure CBD. Mostly, our customers do not desire THC in their CBD products. You must prefer to avoid it or might worry about it showing up on a drug test, especially if you’re buying CBD products that are mislabeled and contain more THC than they claim.


We have created this particular line of products - THC-free - as many of our clients in USA are professional athletes or work in the medical or service industries. We have partnerships with sport federations and high ranking sport athletes in USA. Restriscted by their domain, our customers can not take any product that has THC because their authority does not permit this. As a matter of fact, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) does not allow an athlete to be tested positive. 

Now, while you understood where the weed smell is coming from and why our Canasity products do not have this weedy smell, let’s continue to some other tastes that you may experience with different products and that you will not see in Canasity Products.

As you know, all products of CBD oil have different strength in their concentrations. For example, if you buy a 20% CBD oil, the oil in the bottle you purchased has 20% CBD and the rest is another oil which we call carrier oil. In the market, you can see there are different type of carrier oils like MCT-Oil (Coconut oil), hemp seed oil (there is no CBD or THC in the seed of Hemp.), olive oil. Hemp Seed oil or olive oil have a strong, earthy taste and the color of the oil is not as clear as the MCT-Oil (Coconut oil). However, studies show that CBD has the best efficiency with MCT Oil (Coconut oil). The carrier oil used in the Canasity products is MCT-oil, a fractionated coconut oil that is created to be tasteless, odorless and clear. Many people who purchased Canasity like to add their oil to a beverage or to a smoothie, therefore, having a more tasteless product is highly convenient.

Hopefully we managed to clarify those main aspects regarding our products: taste and smell. Do not forget, we are committed to always target the highest quality of CBD products. Maybe CBD is new in the world but in USA, it is already a mix between tradition and habit. The main reason why Canasity oils have been chosen the best CBD oils in Colorado is given by all the efforts involved by the generations of our farmers in producing top-notch CBD oils.

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